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Our ministry is focused on health and community development evangelism. Think about the way Jesus did ministry. Oftentimes He ministered to people’s physical needs before he would address their spiritual condition. By showing people that we care about their physical needs, we are showing them a tangible example of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in areas where this message has been rejected thus far. We are hopeful that through these healthcare and community development initiatives, we will be able to see lives changed because of Jesus here in Northern Vanuatu.


On arrival, God led us to partner with a not-for-profit Medical Centre, where Lucian is serving 100% voluntarily as the Operations Manager. Although neither of us are medically trained, God uses Lucian’s project management, business, and construction skills to assist the clinic to function smoothly. The clinic serves the physical needs of up to 200 people weekly. This opens many opportunities for pastoral care. What a privilege it is to be part of a team that serves the physical needs of the people in northern Vanuatu where healthcare is otherwise limited. 



One of the basic rights of children is to access education. Jaylyne has been an educator for over 20 years and is passionate about children having access to education. On arrival to our area, we learned that many children were not attending school because the families could not afford it. By partnering with us to support a child to go to school, you are also helping us create meaningful relationships with their families, that in turn create lasting change. It allows us to show families a tangible example of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through caring for their needs. This is essential in creating sustainable solutions that ensure the right to education. Our focus is towards children who are more vulnerable - typically who live in conflict and fragile settings, urban areas and families with disabilities.


Our school support program includes school fees, uniform, backpack, stationery, water bottle, footwear, umbrella, hygiene pack and transportation costs for families if required, boarding school fees paid for if required, general pastoral care. At times this can include rice, bread supplies, hygiene packs etc if a specific need is brought to our attention.

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Vanuatu is the most disaster-prone country in the world. It regularly experiences erupting Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tropical Cyclones, and droughts that disrupts the livelihood of the Ni-Vanuatu people. Through these destructive times, God has allowed us to speak into so many lives through Disaster relief. Following such events, we have had an opportunity to distribute food care packs, hygiene packs, water, tin to re-roof homes, ropes, and other building supplies. Our hope is to be able to have a ready packed container on the ground, fully equipped with supplies (Chainsaws, Ropes, Tin, Nails, Wood, Canned Food, 20L Water containers ready to be filled, clothing, hygiene and sanitary products etc) so that when a disaster occurs, we are immediately ready for action.

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Jaylyne launched a Rugby Club for kids aged 8-15 in mid-2022. Partnering with Vanuatu Rugby League, she has organised two local coach to train the kids every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for 1.5 hours. This program is a great way to connect with the local community and give kids more opportunity to engage in organised sport. Our goal is to grow this program and create competitive league games in the future.



Our family is actively involved in supporting our local church. We love coming alongside the Pastors and leaders to encourage and mentor them. Lucian enjoys preaching on occasions. Jaylyne has established a Sunday School program and aims to train others in effective ways to minister to the children. We love seeing our kids get involved in the weekly youth program and we appreciate leading the program on a regular basis. It is also a good opportunity for our sons to encourage the kids in the local language through sharing Bible Devotions, worship songs and fun interactive games that are theme based. Jaylyne leads Bible Studies with women in the community and as a family we host prayer and worship nights in our home. 

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